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Lane Martin's debut book follows the story between Emily and Declan, both trying to figure out how to handle love through their "sticky" lives. Their story proves to be a struggle between trust and timing, but nothing can stop these two from being together. 
Following Floured, Sifted is the next chapter for the two lovers, but is now told from the point of view of declan. Leaving off from the first book, readers will be able to see things from Declan's eyes. The journey between Declan and Emily is only beginning. 



This addition of the series is a standalone novella that follows characters introduced in sifted. Home is where the heart is, but for Zeke Sherman he had neither. That was until he met Shelby and discovered what it was like to have love in his life again. 
The newest release of the series is a standalone novel that follows characters introduced in Floured andsifted. Libby was shocked to find out she was pregnant, and even more shocked when Logan stuck to her side. Now Libbyb is stuck wondering, is this her Happily Ever After..