Mixed is a full-length standalone novel in the Recipe for Love Series.
What happens when you “mix” together sexy chef, Logan Wheeler, and bartender, Libby Barnes?

I read one of those cute decorative signs at a truck stop gift shop on my way from Nashville to New York. It took everything in me not to laugh my ass off right next to the beef jerky and air fresheners. I was also tempted to buy both for two reasons. Number one, I’m pregnant, and number two, I’m pregnant.

Every once in a while,
in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives you a Fairytale.

What a crock. There are no such things as fairytales. Besides, what’s ordinary anyway? I’d be happy with a roof over my head, a steady paycheck, helping my sister mend her broken heart, and not screwing up as a parent.  Anything after that would just be frosting. Yum, frosting. Damn cravings.
OK, OK, maybe I should have re-read the first line.

Every once in a while,

Because my ordinary life became extraordinary, the second Logan Wheeler crashed my doctor’s appointment and held my hand when I heard my baby’s heartbeat for the first time. I wasn’t looking for a baby daddy. I guess that’s when you usually find things.

Now I’m just hoping for Happily Ever After.

Mixed is now available!
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